Thursday, September 3, 2009


Archery season is almost upon us and the season is looking like it will shape up nicely. Horn growth is up this year because of the moister we have been getting and it looks like we may be able to harvest some wolves this season if everything holds through.

The first client will arrive this weekend and start their hunt Sunday. We are focusing on taking a good mule deer. I will keep everyone posted throughout the season.

The posts have been fairly sparse this past month because I have been out in the hills everyday since August first. I, like many Western hunters, apply for tags in almost all the western states. I focus on seasons that are in either August or December/ January so they don’t conflict with the Montana hunting seasons.

This year I hit the jackpot drawing four awesome big game tags. I had a Nevada early season elk tag where I took a monster 382 velvet bull, a Nevada deer tag where I took a great non-typical type three point buck with my bow, a California deer tag where I harvested a really heavy 3x4 with popcorn burrs. I also had a Nevada antelope tag taking a nice buck with my bow on the last and only day I had to hunt it. By August 20th I had four trophies down. I then spent the next eleven days helping friends and family fill their antelope tags getting my dad on a nice 78 inch goat and my buddy Brett on a stellar 80 inch goat with 15 ½ inch horns. I also helped put my friend Ross on a huge mule deer in Nevada for a 15 yard bow shot the last day in August. It has already been quite a season to say the least. I am praying that we can keep the momentum going for the Montana archery and rifle season.

Pictures of my trophies will be on there way. To read the story of my bull make sure you pick up the next issue of Real Hunting Magazine. It should be a good read.

- Remi Warren
Montana OutWest Outfitters

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