Sunday, September 27, 2009

Montana Elk Hunting At Its Finest

9/26/09 The week of elk hunting couldn’t have ended any better. Every day we had bulls with in 45 yards but most of the days there were just no clear shots through the trees. We even had two big six points battling it out 35 yards away but still offering no shot. After the week of hard hunting we had a ton of action every day, one miss and one bull on the ground.

On the day of the harvest, Jon was up to bat. We got into a group of close to 150 elk with over 10 bulls in the group. They were bugling and running around like mad. The rut was on and the action was hot. We spotted one huge six point in the 320 class but there were other good bulls running around as well. We chased the elk up the mountain as they pushed cows getting closer and closer with every set up. When we reached the top, I let out an estrus cow call which a bull bugled to. I set Jon up, dropped back and bugled. The bull got fired up. The bull came in but held up bugling 40 yards away and out of sight. I picked up a stick and started to rake a tree. The bull got pissed off and came in right to Jon’s lap. At 20 yards Jon took his shot. The bull only went 37 yards from the shot. It was a great bull and I don’t think Jon could have been any happier.

The week ended with two deer and one elk down including one bull missed. We are still 100% shooting for the year on both elk and deer.
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