Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Life of a Guide

As a hunting guide our responsibility is to get game out of the mountains for our clients. Here is a little behind the scenes look at what goes in to packing out our successful hunters animals!

Trophy Montana Mule Deer

After securing a great mule deer tag Dave Zohner hired Montana OutWest to give him a hand. After four days of hunting and passing up dozens of mature deer, Dave score on this awesome 180 inch typical buck.

The story of this hunt was featured in both Muley Crazy and Eastman's Hunting Journal- Here is the article from Muley Crazy!

A Bull and Buck Montana Deer and Elk Combo Hunt

Brian took a great bull elk after they spotted them in the morning from across the canyon his guide Bart lead him to a meadow where he figured they would come out. Like clock work the herd of elk fed out in the evening right in frount of the hunter. He stadied the cross hairs and dropped the bull in his tracks. The next day Bart brought the horses in to pack out the bull.

After packing out the elk they decided to bring the meat into town to have processed. Bart decided to check a honey hole for deer first since the rut was coming on. He spotted a great 4x4 buck that Brian took with one shot.

Back at the lodge we boiled and split the skull plate of the Buck so it could be taken home on the plane.

After four days of hunting the hunter had tagged out on not only a great elk but a trophy deer out of unit 240 as well!

Mule Deer and Elk For Doug

Things were going perfert for Doug as he and his guide got less than 100 yards from a herd of 200 elk. As the elk filed past Doug waited for the bull. when the bull presented a shot Doug squeezed the trigger only to hear a click. The bullet did not go off. After reloading he took another shot but just barely missed. After missing a nice bull elk Doug did not leave empty handed he was able to connect with his first mule deer a few days later.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week Two First Big Game Hunt- Hunter Takes an Elk and Deer

Joseph joined us for his first big game hunt and hunted with guide Jason Warren. The two covered some ground and connected on Joseph's first elk. They had spotted the elk from a ways out and moved in on them. They knew the elk were in the timber on the other side of the ridge near the edge of a meadow. The two moved in and waited patiently for the elk to come out and present a shot. There were over 100 elk in the group but luckily the bull came over right where they wanted him too. Joseph got steady and took the bull.

Later in the week Joseph and Jason set up in a ground blind in the evening to try and take a whitetail. at last light a one horned buck stepped out. Joseph made a great shot and harvested his first buck.

Montana Guided Rifle Elk Hunt

After having multiple close encounters on an archery hunt with us two years ago, Mike Marchese decided to come back and hunt with a rifle in his hands this time. Mike had a great week of hunting getting in on quite a few bulls before connecting on his first bull elk. He also saw lots of elk, seeing elk every day of the trip.

"I can honestly say I have never had a more exciting hunt in my life. I was in elk and ended up shooting my bull at close range. It was really exciting. Even if I had not got the bull, just getting into elk all week was worth the trip. Not to mention I had some of the best meals I can remember." -Mike

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Montana Guided Elk Hunts- Opening Week

Guide Jason Warren (left) and Jim Moore with Jim's opening week bull.
Jason's meadow strikes again. After a week of hunting hard and keeping after it, Jim and his guide Jason had many close encounters and saw lots of elk but did not connect until the evening they were sitting the same meadow Mark shot his bull opening morning.

"I knew the bulls were coming out in that meadow still so we decided to sit it till dark, no matter what." Jason said.

 Jason's hunch was right when a bull came out early in the evening. Jim took aim and dropped the bull in the meadow.