Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Big Montana Mule Deer Harvested by a Female Archer

9/22/09 After looking through the Montana record book this buck very well could be one the largest bow killed mule deer by a woman this year, as well as the top three or four killed by a woman with a bow in the state (all-time). I won’t make any promises but I will keep an update on this buck as the official score comes in.

Jamy Simonsen was lucky enough to draw a coveted unit 270 mule deer tag. Having spotted a great buck that would have scored around 180, I had her come out for the day to see if we could find the buck. After spotting the buck we put three different stalks on him with no avail. We decided to go check another area when we spotted the buck she ended up taking. As Jamy drew back to shoot, the buck bedded offering no shot. Jamy remained patient and waited for over an hour for the buck to stand and offer a shot. She made a perfect shot and the buck fell about 40 yards away.

It was a great trophy and to top it off I got the whole hunt of film.
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