Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Bull and Buck Montana Deer and Elk Combo Hunt

Brian took a great bull elk after they spotted them in the morning from across the canyon his guide Bart lead him to a meadow where he figured they would come out. Like clock work the herd of elk fed out in the evening right in frount of the hunter. He stadied the cross hairs and dropped the bull in his tracks. The next day Bart brought the horses in to pack out the bull.

After packing out the elk they decided to bring the meat into town to have processed. Bart decided to check a honey hole for deer first since the rut was coming on. He spotted a great 4x4 buck that Brian took with one shot.

Back at the lodge we boiled and split the skull plate of the Buck so it could be taken home on the plane.

After four days of hunting the hunter had tagged out on not only a great elk but a trophy deer out of unit 240 as well!

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