Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Putting in some Miles for an Opening day bull

Opening Morning found guide Remi Warren and hunters Andrew and Joe Ekstein waiting on a high mountain meadow where Remi had been watching a large herd of elk with multiple bulls the entire week before. Unfortunately the elk did not show according to plan so the group hiked to the top of the mountain and down the timber on the other side where they had seen some elk in the morning.
It was a long strenuous hike but it paid off as a bull bugled in the canyon. The hunters set up and one of the bulls came out in an opening in the trees 500 yards away. Andrew set up on the bull and made an excellent shot dropping the bull immediately.  While they were skinning the elk another bull continued to bugle to the cows just up the ridge.

Remi packed half the meat out that night planning to hunt the area for Joe's bull the following day. That next morning there were two bulls within range but the high gusting winds and trees made getting a shot impossible. they cut the elk off in the timber with the majority of the cows walking within 30 yards of the hunters. Unfortunately the bulls slipped out a different way bugling as they moved through the timber and disappearing.
Andrew and Joe enjoying a rest in the backcountry meado

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