Saturday, October 8, 2011

Montana Archery Combo Hunt - Tagged Out

Billy Martain had a great week of archery hunting with Montana OutWest Outfitters. On the first day he stalked a Pope and Young class 160 inch mule deer but the buck busted out before he could get a shot. Later that day a smaller buck stepped out and gave Billy a shot he could not pass up a thirty yards.

The next few days were spent chasing elk. Billy got into elk every day and had a close encounter with a big 6x6 at 30 yards but there was just too many limbs in the way for a shot.

Two days after the 6x6 a bull was just screaming in a canyon chasing cows. Remi bugled the bull in text book and Billy smoked him as Jason filmed the hunt.

The last two mornings Billy wanted to chase bear to fill out his last tag. He opted to borrow Remi's rifle for the hunt. The first morning of the bear hunting they closed the distance from four miles to 300 yards on a giant black boar. Unfortunatly Billy missed the bear.

 The next morning Remi decided to go to a little easer to get to area for bears.  Twenty minutes into the morning a nice brown phase bear came out of the brush 90 yards away. Billy was able to anchor the bear and fill all three of his Montana Tags. The best part is the deer, elk, and first bear Billy shot at were all captured on video!

Oh Yeah, can't forget about some mid-day grouse hunting either.

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