Tuesday, December 7, 2010

First Deer Hunt- Two Great Bucks from Unit 250

Cody and his dad Ed joined Montana OutWest for Cody's first big game hunt. With Bart as their guide the three set out in search of a trophy mule deer. Cody passed on some nice deer before harvesting this great 3x3. The buck presented a shot but by the time Cody got lined up the buck was on the move. Bart bleated at the deer getting it to stop offering Cody a shot. It was a great first buck and a great hunting experience.
The next day Ed was fortunate enough to harvest a huge buck. When Bart spotted this buck there was no questions it was a shooter. The buck had a heavy 4x4 main frame as well as a forked cheater. Including brow tines this 5x7 officially SCI scored 175 with a 170 inch typical frame. Both Cody and Ed's Bucks came out of unit 250.

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