Sunday, November 1, 2009

Four Aces- Opening Day Montana Elk Hunt

Opening day, four hunters & four bulls down by the end of the day. Two were taken at sun-up first thing the other two were taken that eveing - including a great 301 1/8 6x6 (a monster buck was also missed in unit 250 on opening day). That was three five by fives and one six point. By the morning of day, two hunters had filled there deer tags. The rest of the week was just as good the other hunters tag out on deer by day four on day five another hunter joined us and took a nice bull elk.

Week two is already off to a good start as the elk hunter taged out on a bull this morning.

As of today we are 100% success with the average hunt for elk being one day. the count is six elk and four deer for two elk hunters and four combo hunters.

More posts of the individual elk will be on there way, it is just hard to update so many animals during the season when you get in after a long day of hunting.

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