Friday, June 5, 2009

Scouting Underway

Although only spring the scouting has already been underway. Although not fully developed in the horn department game numbers are proving strong. We have had a fairly decent spring and the snow pack still looks good. If the nutrition last through the summer horn growth should be substantially bigger than last year especially for the deer. The new grasses came up about average as opposed to last springs later full growth and long winter.

So far we have seen some tremendous bulls. During the second week of June while out scouting around, we spotted three bulls traveling together. The first had fairly small horns starting, this year’s small four or five point rag. The other two bulls on the other hand were tremendous. Already sprouting five points, thick beams, wide spread and great length in the brow tines. The bottoms on both these bulls are the makings of 320-350 bulls, so long as their tops keep up what the bottoms have started.

In our minds these bulls will already be some prime targets during archery season as we will keep tabs on these monsters throughout the summer. However they have a long time to travel out of the area before the season.

The deer numbers are looking strong. We have seen a few bucks in both units that may have some promise but it is still too early to tell.

We still have openings for this Archery season and tags will still be available until September. If you don't have a hunt lined out for this fall, contact us, we have one early archery opening where you could be the first one chasing these big bulls.

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